In-home physiotherapy and wellness

In-home physiotherapy and wellness

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Our in-home services caters to all your Physio needs. Place your Great Canadian Sox order with us for  Free Delivery.

The Great Canadian Sox Company constantly seeks out and apply improved technologies to their design and manufacturing process.

The design team is constantly in touch with Research Laboratories such as Dupont ®, reviewing and implementing product improvements.

They ensure that, at all times, they provide our customers with

the best product and value.

Thermal socks for the cold winters. Choose from soft merino wool winter socks or the really warm regular wool socks with a liner sock to keep the feet dry. ​

Diabetics have special health concerns which affect their foot health such as:

  • poor circulation in the legs and feet
  • ulerations, blisters and lesions
  • fat pad loss on bottoms of feet.

 Our Diabetic socks are all non-binding and non-elasticated using the softest and highest quality wool & cotton to increase blood circulation. Some styles also feature a seamless toe closure, Lycra 3D for soft caressing hold, double cylinder technology, Aloe Vera that last for over 12-16 washes and a heavy cushion sole.


Adam Physio     is an  OFFICIAL INDEPENDENT RESELLER of  The Great Canadian Sox Co.

Get ready for winter Alberta! What makes these socks unique is that we make extreme cold weather socks for -30,-40, and -50 degrees!

We at Adam Physio are delighted to bring you this great product line!

Established in 1934, The Great Canadian Sox Co. is one of the oldest companies in Canada! It was originally set up to manufacture socks designed for the logging industry but now focuses mainly on outdoor adventure socks. We carry a wide selection of socks under various labels, for almost any and every activity, also covering a wide variety of medical conditions such as diabetic and compression socks. However, we also carry a wide variety of dress and casual styles.

Ask us during your next appointment or contact us anytime for more information.